What are we About ?

Pat w light back (2)Life is a long time.  Life is hard.  We at Provident Financial Services strive to Educate our Family, Friends and Clients on ways of managing our finances which help lighten the load and increase our speed towards financial independence.   Through our education and fact finding and review process, our clients make less mistakes and are able to take advantage of more opportunities as they arise. We operate by way of a regulated, on going financial planning system, involving orderly and regular reviews and fact finding sessions. By taking advantage of well established concepts that serve to reduce major financial hurdles and challenges, you too can be successful. We find if we can help you eliminate your debt, decrease the money you are spending on insurance premiums, begin a strategy to decrease your income taxes, and significantly reduce stock market risk for retirement, we have helped you jump ahead on your quest to reach financial independence.

DEBT REDUCTION STRATEGY : Our research shows that by simply re-directing debt payments to apply Accelerator Payments to your debt load (no need to come up with any more money out of your pocket monthly than you spend currently) you should be able to get totally out of debt in approximately 9 years.

One central beneficial  theme we find relatively unknown by the public is described as the Infinite Banking Concept; the process of forming your private family/dynasty like bank.  This concept, is the most powerful and innovative concept used today to substantially increase your wealth and reduce risk. Reducing risk is a major factor creating more certainty in allowing you to realize your Financial Independence Goal. Keep your money safe while maintaining steady growth. The Infinite Banking Concept, practiced the Provident Way, helps eliminate most if not all risk in your business, personal and retirement savings accounts. Becoming your own banker is the process of becoming wealthy by recapturing all of the dollars that flow out of your circle of wealth, unknowingly and unnecessarily, every day. Recapture a good portion of these dollars allows for acceleration of retirement funds. The volume of interest that leaves your circle of wealth is on average 34.5 cents per dollar based on American statistics, which is very substantial. As experienced financial planners, we will show you how to redirect all of that cash flow from transferring out of your circle of wealth to flowing directly to it!  We will also show you how to do so with more tax advantages and growth advantages than any other qualified plan used today. By using the concept of Becoming Your Own Banker you will accumulate wealth exponentially, and have an incredible legacy to pass on to future generations.

In essence, the banking process is nothing new, banks have been around for years. They function and grow because they understand how money flows and how to make it work for them. They sell no product, no service (other than holding your money), they simply understand how money flows, and can make it work for them. By implementing the same principles these banks use and by becoming the bank yourself, you will create a substantial pool of money to draw from for yourself and for many generations to come.

And Then….Just Have Fun !

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